Lean Cuisine

I created a proposed rebrand for Lean Cuisine, which includes a more fitting aesthetic and functionality for its target audience. Millennials seek quick and healthy options at an affordable price, and my proposed rebrand aims to fulfill this need.

Revised Logo

I revised the logo to include three easily identifiable sections: Breakfast Dash, Lunch Dash, and Dinner Dash. Buyers can easily identify types of meals when they're shopping.


I aimed to create an elegant, straightforward package that focuses on the essential information needed on a package. The large images and minimal graphics will make shopping for meals easy and convenient.

Meal Planning

In this rebrand, Lean Cuisine would offer a digital meal prep service where customers could enter their dietary needs and create a plan catered to their specific needs. Instructions would be on the back of the package, and the service would be on their website where users can print or sync their plans to their phones.

In-Store Experience

The meals are clearly distinguishable by the large images on the packaging, and the tags include each logo depending on the time of day the meal is eaten. This will allow customers to come in with their meal schedules and easily get exactly what they need.